Two more bits of press today.

First is a lovely review from Londoneer. Here's a little extract:
"...It’s a remarkable piece of scripting. ‘Game of Life’ is played at a whirlwind pace and has some really meaty moments – explosive emotional crescendos... you really have no excuse to not go and see this superb new play at one of London’s quirkiest fringe venues."
-The Londoneer

Secondly, Exeunt publish an interview with Russell and Rose in which we discuss science, the importance of red wine, and our process for making the show.

"The ideas explored in the play seem to have infiltrated through the entire process of its creation, and there is an impressive rigour to the way the form expresses the content and the content plays with the form. Making complex ideas emotionally engaging and allowing philosophical concepts to be looked at in fresh and subtle ways, Game of Life is a fascinating play. Yet, despite the apparent precision of the opening night, Bender and Lewenstein still see it, in some ways, as work in progress."

It's so exciting as different bits of press start to trickle in and so gratifying to hear feedback. Please do share your thoughts on here, twitter (#GameOfLife) or facebook

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